Under Construction

I've decided that this blog will be strictly for my home based business, katknit handmade. I had originally made a stab at using this as a place to meld my creative stuff with my personal/illness stuff, and I wasn't really feeling it. I'm going to use this spot as a crash course in html, so bear with me as I redesign.

I am on the fence as to whether or not I really want to get into the world of personal blogging and Twitter and drama and mommybloggers* and people like Dooce.  If I decide to write a personal blog, y'all** will be the first to know.

That is all.

*Not that I would ever really be "in" with the mommybloggers, what with the no uterus and all.
**No, I am not from the South. But saying y'all makes me feel like Dolly Parton.